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forget what you know about darts

Darts Union puts a twist on the well-known game of darts. Even if you don’t know how to play, our revolutionary interactive technology makes it simple. Just set up the game on the touchscreen interface, then the screen above the dartboard will guide you through your game.

Set up

Use the touchscreen to enter everyone’s name, take a funky photo and choose the difficulty level. Easy is ideal for beginners, while hard is for seasoned darts players wanting a challenge.

Pick your Team

Choose your teammates or play individually against at least one other player. It’s your game, and you have the freedom to add and remove players or mix up the teams during the game.


We have multiple games on offer, each with a different play style. Why not try all the games and find your favourite? We’re willing to bet you won’t be able to stop after just one.


Sit back and enjoy food, drinks, entertainment and banter. When it’s your turn, it’s game on. We don’t take things too seriously at Darts Union, so you can throw from any line.


The smart dartboard automatically updates scores on the big screen as players hit – or miss – the mark. Once the game is over, results are instant. You can also check the leader board.

Sharing is Caring!

Share your Darts Union experience on social media using hashtags  #makingdartsgreatagain and #dartsunion. We love to see you having fun. Who knew darts could be so fun? We did!

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