Set your bar apart

Partner with Darts Union to supercharge your sales and stand out from your competition. People are looking for competitive socialising activities, and we have a revolutionary option. We have developed a range of exciting and engaging multiplayer games built to bring people together. Darts Union appeals to darts purists and newbies by combining cutting-edge technology with traditional darts and board – the best of both worlds.

How it works

We take care of our system, installing the big screen TV, smart dartboard, and touchscreen user interface. The system plays gamemaster, so your staff don’t have to. We also supply the Unicorn darts – everything you need to transform your venue into a competitive socialising phenomenon.  You will generate revenue from every game of darts that is played. It’s that simple. 


Darts Union will bring you more customers and more revenue. We attract happy customers to your business who want to socialise in a totally new way. By bringing an entertaining activity to them, they will stay longer and be more likely to spend more on food and beverages. Our interactive darts system will create a lively atmosphere and help to raise awareness of your bar.


Darts is one of the most enduring and popular competitive socialising activities. If you want to see for yourself how our social darts games work – and how addicting they can be – book a demo now. Our goal is to make darts great again and bring it to as many Kiwis as we can. So, whether you’re up north or down south, contact us to arrange a product demo.

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If you want to level up your bar or pub, Darts Union could be the game-changer you need. Get in touch to find out how easy it is to add the social activity to your venue.